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Is it time or too late?

This year was hectic so I decided not to make a calendar but on turning the last page of the 2016 Calendar, I thought I would miss it so I sat down and worked hard.
Some friends were really pleased, they too, had thought they would miss it.

It may seem out of date to have a paper calendar but I remember many years ago missing an important appointment and the elderly and wise man I had let down telling me You have a calendar, you write in it and you put it where you take your meals.

Then of course it has to be beautiful!

Lunchbox with a Norwegian wink


Jardin intérieur

margot krebs nealeimg_5630sgsm

Receive your life and live it




Cards at Christmas Time




Please choose cards from the selection underneath(you can see it bigger by clicking on it) one by one and click the button "add to cart" under your chosen card.

A shopping cart will appear at the bottom of the page when it refreshes. You can adjust the quantity and press enter: the shopping cart will calculate the price.

If you want to add another card click under that card and it will be added to the shopping cart, again you can adjust the quantity.

When you have finished click on “check out with PayPal”. The order summary will open on a new page where you can choose to pay with a PayPal account or with a debit/credit card.

Window sill


The making of my ring #TrinityStreetJewellers

Trinity Street Jewellers in Cambridge invited me to witness the making of a ring I asked for. I will try to make a page to share this very moving experience. From rough and dark to smooth and shiny. The hands of the crafstman, his tools and the changes in the jewel: beautiful images of creation.


Father’s Day


Det gul koppen