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Préparatifs… jamais sans Robert


Salt Greenland / Guérande

The salt from Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland) is coloured with berries and herbs
The salt from Guerande is mixed with seaweed
Brittany is home to me and Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland) is home to our friends Terto, Paninnguaq, Saamik, Abia, and their family. They sent it as a present made with berries and herbs collected far from inhabited regions. May it remind us how many ways there are to be the salt of the Earth… and to trust that we all find a recipe very much our own.

To Saamik, who left but not without reinforcing the ties of friendship. Rest in our Love

Before the dawn

Notre-Dame de Rouen – Cathédrale de Lumière

Week-end de Pentecôte aux JARTdins de Montagny


Etape 1, s’affirmer  🙂

Graffiti, Oslo, 2018

With love from…

Epiphanie : La gâlette des Rois

It was no summer progress

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It was no summer progress.
A cold coming they had of it at this time of the year,
just the worst time of the year to take a journey,
and specially a long journey.
The ways deep,
the weather sharp,
the days short,
the sun farthest off (...)

Lancelot Andrewes Works, Sermons, Volume One

before King James, at Whitehall.
Transcribed by Dr Marianne Dorman