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From darkness to light


Toward Easter


Valentine and Ash Wednesday

En chemin…

A mon père

Pierre Krebs
8 mai 1921 – 7 août 2015

The longing for something eternal

From a conversation between Ulrik Alver Solli and Erik Varden O.C.S.O

– Do we sufficiently recognise the need for spiritual realities in today’s society?
–I don’t believe so. And the older I get, the more it is my rational conviction that we don’t. The human being carries something like a seed of eternity. This can be s source of frustration, even pain, in people – this fact of carrying, albeit unconsciously, the longing for something eternal.
– How can this be remedied?
– Primarily, I’d say, by recognising that I have in me something that will not be satisfied by anything immediate, that spurs me on to extend my existence in such a way that it will reach the dimensions of my longing. It is about recognising that I carry a thirst for boundlessness that will not be slaked by a one-click purchase from Amazon.

He is risen !