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Look at you

A mon père

Pierre Krebs
8 mai 1921 – 7 août 2015

Naming these things is the love-act and its pledge;

title from In The Hospital
by Patrick Kavanagh

No exit

He is risen !

Treasure Trove

Un des tous premiers cadeaux dont je me souvienne.
Mon père me l’a rapporté un jour à Varsovie parce que j’avais gagné
une «phillipine» : deux amandes dans une coquille,
on en mange chacun une et le premier qui dit «Phillipine» à l’autre le lendemain reçoit un cadeau.
Il a un mécanisme qui empêche la fermeture du coffre si on met trop de choses dedans. Pani Cenia,m’avait expliqué qu’il fallait choisir la taille du coffre attentivement avant de l’offrir.
J’en ai gardé l’idée que peu, c’est bien.
C’est mon plus grand trésor, ce coffre, dont un pied a été recollé à l’envers par mon père qui se croyait bricoleur.

Love every day

Visitations – Tom Darin Liskey


I was ten
That winter night
When my brain
Burned with fever
And I lay
Dreaming awake
That you had come back
From the firmament;
An unwinged angel
Sitting at my bedside
Speaking words
That sounded like fire
In my ears.
I don’t know
If it was real anymore.
Maybe it was just yearning
To touch you once more
The way the blind read braille;
Or maybe it was just
The hot syllables of sickness
Wailing like sinners
At a tent revival
Behind my burning eyes.
But whatever it was
That night, with the snow
Beginning to fall
Your hand touched my skin
And the fever broke.

Tom Darin Liskey is a poet and a photographer
The photograph and the poem are his work

Mary Magdalene – a sonnet for her day, 22 July

Mary Magdalene: A Sonnet

Men called you light so as to load you down,
And burden you with their own weight of sin,
A woman forced to cover and contain
Those seven devils sent by Everyman.
But one man set you free and took your part
One man knew and loved you to the core
The broken alabaster of your heart
Revealed to Him alone a hidden door,
Into a garden where the fountain sealed,
Could flow at last for him in healing tears,
Till, in another garden, he revealed
The perfect Love that cast out all your fears,
And quickened you with love’s own sway and swing,
As light and lovely as the news you bring.

Malcolm Guite

Mary Magdalene a sonnet Malcolm’s blog.

Ash Wednesday – 1st day of Lent