I have made two books as part of the 2014 CamIris exhibition "To be a Woman"
The first is a square hard cover book with the full text of poems I wrote in the last years and also specifically for the exhibition with photographs presented in full page.
The second is a thinner version, soft cover, in which I selected extracts of the poems and layed out the photographs in a more concentrated way.
The poems in the hard cover version are in French or in English with in either case a translation I made.
In the soft cover version the extracts are also in both languages.

You can preview both books below

To see them in full screen, click the "view in full screen icon" with four arrows in the bottom corner right

Hard cover, full text of poems

Soft cover, extracts of poems

The Hard cover is £35
The Soft cover is £20.
If you would like to buy one of these books, you can order it from here

Poetry and Photo Books

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