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Nothing to fear

In the pocket

What is your Alethiometer?

My Contax was poetically described by my son, as my “Alethiometer,” from the Greek words aletheia (truth) and ometer (measuring device). An alethiometer is the compass-like device made famous in Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials.” This fictional device helps some holders find truthful answers to their questions.

These words from the French poet Paul Verlaine have been like a mantra for me: “Cache et montre au cœur qui s’étonne La vérité comme une étoile.” In English, it would read something like this: “Unto the astounded heart shows, Truth’s star now hidden, now revealed.”
That’s poetry. That’s photography.

Nearly caught the Firebird

Good magic in that spell

Good magic in that spell

A large grey wolf

Jamais je n’ai rêvé d’un tel bonheur quand j’étais le vilain petit canard.


What do you see?


Les chatons de saule: premières fleurs du printemps

pussy willow sgsm

From Child Library Readers, Book Two of the Life Reading Service published by Scott, Foresman and Co. Photo Margot Krebs Neale


Chesterton Community College Drama