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Autumn – Leunig


We give thanks for the harvest of the heart’s work:
Seeds of faith planted with faith;
Love nurtured by love; Courage strengthened by courage.
We give thanks for the fruits of the struggling soul;
The bitter and the sweet; For that which has grown in adversity.
And for that which has flourished in warmth and grace;
For the radiance of the spirit in autumn and for that which must now fade and die.
We are blessed and give thanks.

Michael Leunig

Calendar picture for 2018?



La saison des figues


Labour day

P1090282artiste copy

You are the artist, you are the raw material, you are the work of art, and you are the reality behind the work of art ... one experiences ecstasy when one discovers the creator in one, as oneself. The whole of life is a process whereby the unmanifest becomes manifest. Divine Creativity is completed by human creativity. Of all the qualities in your being, the one that is the most God-like is creativity.
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan


Red is a warm colour, lively and agitated; it is forceful, a movement in itself... Mixed with yellow, it gains in warmth and becomes orange, which imparts an irradiating movement on its surroundings.
W. Kandinsky Concerning the Spiritual in Art Dover Publications, Inc. New York, 1977

Le rouge est une couleur chaude très vivante, vive et agitée, il possède une force immense, il est un mouvement en soi ... Mélangé au jaune, il gagne en chaleur et donne l’orangé qui possède un mouvement d’irradiation sur l’entourage.
V. Kandinsky Du spirituel dans l'art, éd. Denoël, 1989, p.162

Quince and Squash