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Saint Andrew’s Church, Chesterton

The four Evangelist by John Piper – Aubusson

Chichester Cathedral

Cette maison est une modeste église

He is risen indeed !
Happy Easter !

Be the Church you want

St Stephen's, Gloucester Road, London, November 2019

Walking in to a Church was so easy


Pieta by Peter Eugene Ball at the Cathedral and Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Southwell Minster

I desired you in the night

With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early.

De nuit je t’ai désiré de toute mon âme, et dès le point du jour je te rechercherai de mon esprit.

Med min sjel lengtes jeg efter dig om natten, og med min ånd søkte jeg dig.

Isaiah 26:9


Introspective peace and a welcoming serenity

Cards at Christmas Time




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It was no summer progress

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It was no summer progress.
A cold coming they had of it at this time of the year,
just the worst time of the year to take a journey,
and specially a long journey.
The ways deep,
the weather sharp,
the days short,
the sun farthest off (...)

Lancelot Andrewes Works, Sermons, Volume One

before King James, at Whitehall.
Transcribed by Dr Marianne Dorman