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Spring in an almost abandoned garden

Songs set to photographs: a challenge

Continuing to put Malcolm Guite's beautiful songs on YouTube with photographs.
His songs are so full of images, it seems a real challenge.
But I do what I did with some of his poems before, I just listen to the feelings that those images summon up for me and then choose photographs in what I have. Sometimes I will take a picture specifically or make a composite picture but I try to not make it too busy so the beauty of the song remains central.

Redemption Song (A song for Ruth)

Sing a song of sowing
Carrying the seed
A song of hopeful planting
To meet a future need
Sing a song of letting go
And falling to the ground
Of burying that feels like loss
Still waiting to be found

There are no songs of famine
Hunger has no voice
The poor must scavenge what they can
While the rich are spoiled for choice
The stones of fear and anger
Will strike you from behind
Hunger hates the stranger
And cleaves to his own kind

Sing a song of exile
Loneliness and loss
A song of broken bridges
Nobody can cross
A song of desperation
For a word you can understand
A song of fearful labour
On someone else’s land

Then sing a song of marriage
The grace of bride and groom
The fruitful vine around the door
Joy within the room
A song of love and longing
For the children yet to be
A quiver-full of future hopes
Aimed at eternity

Sing a song of mourning
The shadows and the tombs
The bitterness of broken hearts
And disappointed wombs
Sing a song of empty words
And unexpressed despair
Of reaching out at midnight
For the one who isn’t there

Sing a song of waiting
Weeping on the earth
A song of expectation
Longing for new birth
Sing a song of patience
Of watching through the night
Sing those hours before the dawn
Then sing the coming light

Sing a song of harvest
Of one who bind the sheaves
And one who gleans along the edge
The good another leaves
Sing a song of winnowing
And taking into store
Of Barley heaped like glowing gold
All on the threshing floor

Sing out before the Lord of Life
Your songs of joy and pain
Sing of the years the locusts ate
That cannot come again
Sing to Him your hopes and fears
Your tales of right and wrong
And He will make your voice a part
Of His Redemption Song

©Malcolm Guite 2011
From the album "Dancing through the fire"
Cambridge Riffs Records

©Margot Krebs Neale



Self-portrait for Ash Wednesday

ash-wed dust you are

Memento mori
For dust you are and to dust you shall return.

And so they did some of my loved ones
And so will I

Can I accept just not knowing anything about the after
Can I live with the descriptions other people have made
People who do not know
Or should I enter the dark world of sleeping I have experienced
And find a glimpse there.

A life real only for me, but oh so real
Mysterious, no doubt
Controlled, not in the least

I have written a poem to my father
About him asleep because
He had expressed a fear he might not wake up one day
In the poem I said “Fear not, it is not death yet”

This summer my father died
It is death now
As he lay unconscious, this time we knew he would not wake
He sighed so expressively when Sister Jeanine, a nun, spoke to him and for him
Saying “I know what it is you want…
And you can ask for it
But God will decide.”
Yes, my father was ready and willing
Let us pray that when the time comes however early or unexpected
We shall be ready and willing.

Margot Krebs Neale

Envol et Enracinement, Encore et toujours

Prayer for Springtime


Dear God,

We celebrate spring’s returning and the rejuvenation of the natural world.
Let us be moved by this vast and gentle insistence that goodness shall return,
that warmth and life shall succeed.
Help us to understand our place in this miracle.
Let us see that as a bird now builds its nest, bravely,
with bits and piece, so we must build human faith.
It is our simple duty;
it is the highest art;
it is our natural and vital role within the miracle of spring;
the creation of faith.


Michael Leunig When I Talk to You: A Cartoonist Talks to God

Envol et Enracinement

We need imagination and dreams to live a life of beauty and change and a sense of reality to avoid being lost in illusions. The right balance is for each of us to strike as we go along. I have chosen these photographs because I see each as an expression of that balance, how to belong to the air and to the earth.

Le père conçut le dédale
Avec son fils, il apprit à voler
Pour s'échapper
Mais Icare vola trop haut
et seul Dédale survécut

Prendre assez de hauteur
Pour échapper aux profondeurs
Qui seraient notre prison
Sans bruler la construction
Sans laquelle nous sommes piétons

Comme on inspire et on expire
Comme on respire
Je crois que j'ai dit ce que j'avais à dire

M Krebs Neale

The father thought the maze
With his son, he learnt to fly
To escape
But Icarus flew too high
And only Daedalus survived

Let us take enough height
To escape the depth
Which would be our prison
Without burning the construction
Without which we are pedestrians

As you breath in and you breath out

I hope I've said what I had to say

M. Krebs Neale