Striving to have μεράκι


Tulips in a vase, both beautiful and banal.
I wondered how to photograph them
A perspective from below to try to express the feeling of rising, growing even after they have been cut
The life that remains for a long time in bulb plants.
It did not look good, too much "contre-jour"
Keep them partly behind the curtain? Some element unseen always being more interesting.
Then the problem was the background, seing the house behind our house a sad very regular outline.
So take the picture from above?
The window became a problem, it really is not a pretty window and choosing a landscape format, it became more visible.
Then I thought to use the rather unsightly black rubber around those windows as if it was the black line that one was able to frame one's photograph with in the days of printing photos in the lab.
A favourite feature in Henri Cartier-Bresson's work, maybe to show the photos were never cropped.
Then the question: all around or not? The answer "not quite".

Striving to have μεράκι...

μεράκι (meraki): the word entered the Greek language from Turkish, but its meaning has evolved in Greek into a very complex concept of good taste, hard work and positive attitude towards hard labour.

Someone has meraki when that person is good at their job, when they do it dutifully and with great attention to detail no matter how hard it might be, without complaining, but rather enjoying and taking pride in it.

It can also be used in the sense of yearning.
Lost in Translation.

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