Nos désirs

I took this photograph in Rennes after violent clashes between demonstrators, rioters and the police.

When I came back I read the last sonnet in the sequence of seven sonnets on the Lord’s Prayer by Malcolm Guite.

Here it is :

Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory

The kingdom and the power and the glory,
The very things we all want for ourselves!
We want to be the hero of the story
And leave the others on their dusty shelves.
How subtly we seek to keep the kingdom,
How brutally we hold on to the power,
Our glory always means another’s thralldom,
But still we strut and fret our little hour.

What might it mean to let it go forever,
To die to all that desperate desire,
To give the glory wholly to another,
Throw all we hold into that holy fire?
A wrenching loss and then a sudden freedom
In given glories and a hidden kingdom.

For all parties to reflect.

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