Link to the page dedicated to the exhibition It Will All Come Out In The Wash Exhibition.CamIris Photography.

Malcolm is a poet, priest and musician who has extraordinary talent with words and music. His texts have inspired me to comment with photographs which appear regularly on his blog. Malcolm Guite's Blog.

Stefanie Reichelt is a Cambridge-based researcher and photographer, fellow-member of CamIris Photography group. She likes to evoke and provoke the observer's unconscious reactions and fantasies. She writes " I seek to depict photographic stories with clues, hints and surprises, so that the perception of what lies within a photograph, elicits potent unconscious desires, impulses, angst and fears in the observer. ".Stefanie Reichelt.

A wonderful publisher of photography and poetry combined, where every detail is made with a love of beauty. 21st Editions.

Brazilian photojournalist Alice Martins.

Beautiful photographs of India on Swedish photographer Camilla Nyqvist's blog.